Debut EP: "A Thousand Words"

After years of songwriting, Emma May Beckett released a 4 track EP composed of all original songs on February 1st, 2020. For Emma, songwriting is a way of expressing her emotions and feelings in order to get her opinions out to people. When writing a song, Emma focuses deeply on the lyrics and the meaning behind the piece. She has learnt over the years that when people can relate to the meaning of a song, they tend to enjoy it more, which is why Emma’s main goal when songwriting is to find lyrics that everyone can relate to. 


Emma decided to name the EP “A Thousand Words”, after the third track on the project. This song was the first song Emma wrote off of the EP and in her opinion has a meaning that almost everyone can relate to. With social media these days, it is very easy to believe you’re not good enough as other people, which is never the case. Emma strongly believes that trying to be someone else will never be as good as being who you truly are. 


Emma May Beckett’s EP “A Thousand Words” can be found on most music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music as well as the music video for “Why Don’t You Stay?” on YouTube.